How to Anchor a Boat

Learning how to anchor a boat is a basic seamanship skill that every boater should master. Understanding how to set the anchor and retrieve an anchor is critical—an anchor can hold your boat in place in a secluded cove for a few hours of swimming or an overnight stay, but it’s also an essential piece […]

Boat Handling

As more and more people are getting into boating, there is becoming a new wave of respect and admiration for boating not only as a hobby but also as a culture. While boating is growing in popularity, the need for a basic understanding of boat handling is equally as important. Regardless if you boating during […]

ECOS Devices

Before we all go out and enjoy this perfect fall weather, we need to take a moment and read up on one of the most important parts of boat safety. Part of basic boating safety is using your boat’s engine cut-off switch, known as an “ECOS,” and this device has taken on new importance since […]

Winterizing Boats

Winterizing a boat is the procedure completed for preparing a boat for long-term storage. This may not be an issue for a boat kept in a more temperate climate, but even when it’s unlikely that the off-season temperature will drop below freezing, there are still some good reasons to follow the procedure for long-term storage. […]

Fall Fishin’ in 2021

While some boaters might be packing up and waiting for the Spring to go back into the water, there’s plenty of reasons why fall is the perfect time to go out on the water here in Florida.  There’s a lot to be said about boating in the fall. We’ve compiled a list of reasons as […]

Keep it Legal!

When planning a boating trip it’s easy to forget things or overlook what you should have brought. Like going to the store and forgetting your wallet, it can lead to stress, setbacks, and making a peaceful boating trip a little more chaotic. We’ve gone ahead and gathered what you should bring on your trip whether […]

Keep the Water Safe!

Nothing is worse than cruising along enjoying your day out on your boat and then unexpectedly – BAM – an accident happens. Much like getting into a car accident, boating accidents can be extremely devastating. By definition, we never know when that fateful moment will arrive.  This underlines the critical importance of paying attention to […]

Tips for Boat Maintenance

The final week of summer is finally here, and while that is a complete bummer, it also means that more people will be off the water and focusing on the maintenance of their boats. Before we know it the warm weather will be here soon and you want to be ready so you don’t miss […]

Beginners Guide To Boating

HI THERE! And welcome to our new blog – thought we’d give you a brief introduction to what it is all about, and what you can expect. First of all, this blog is the corner of the internet, where you can find opinions, comments and deep-dives about boating and boat services. We hope to keep […]