How to Anchor a Boat

Learning how to anchor a boat is a basic seamanship skill that every boater should master. Understanding how to set the anchor and retrieve an anchor is critical—an anchor can hold your boat in place in a secluded cove for a few hours of swimming or an overnight stay, but it’s also an essential piece […]

Boat Handling

As more and more people are getting into boating, there is becoming a new wave of respect and admiration for boating not only as a hobby but also as a culture. While boating is growing in popularity, the need for a basic understanding of boat handling is equally as important. Regardless if you boating during […]

Beginners Guide To Boating

HI THERE! And welcome to our new blog – thought we’d give you a brief introduction to what it is all about, and what you can expect. First of all, this blog is the corner of the internet, where you can find opinions, comments and deep-dives about boating and boat services. We hope to keep […]